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Beach babe Lila is an absolute knockout, with blue eyes, blonde hair and beautiful sun kissed body.  Lila is a free spirit with a genuine smile. She will send your senses soaring... Come and meet her today! 

Age: 26
Bust: DD
Height: Medium
Dress: Size 10
Hair: Honey Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: Australian

"Lila is A+. Very cute and fun with a great personality. Bloody amazing!  I WILL BE BACK!!" -A

"Lila was AMAZING! Actually, amazing feels like an understatement. She was absolutely divine. I have never felt so loved, wanted and cared for in my life. I felt like a king being pampered by his trophy wife. Our tryst is one I will never forget, and hopefully Lila as well. I lost myself in her blue eyes and her soft kisses. I will definitely be replaying it in my head over and over."  -Anonymous


I would like to Thank both Molly and Lila for an amazing time I had with them, thank you both for your excellent services. Hope to see them again soon.


Hi. I like to thanks both Lila and Dylan for an amazing double experience, was very exiting and exhilarating times, thanks ladies.  Mat

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