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Work With Us

At Sasha’s we pride ourselves on creating a safe, comfortable and welcoming workplace.  We foster a friendly and co-operative work culture and appreciate how special that is. We are discrete and take the privacy of all clients and workers seriously.

Sasha’s is a well-regarded premium establishment. Our booking prices and workers’ renumeration reflect this. We welcome staff who will work with us to provide a high level of service, workers with high levels of personal presentation and professionalism.

Our facilities are clean, modern and secure, with private parking for staff. We have accommodation for travelling workers, as well as private ladies’ lounge, staff only kitchen facilities, dressing room, outdoor area, and lockers.

For those already in the industry, I’m sure you will know the value of a safe and supportive establishment. If you are considering entering the industry, Sasha’s is a great place to start. We will take the time to ensure you feel comfortable, respected and prepared.

Working with us can provide a good income and a flexible work schedule. We will work with you to fit around your existing commitments and lifestyle.

If you are interested in joining us at Sasha’s please contact us on or on (02)66225533 with any questions or to schedule a walk-through of the premises.

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